10 Documentaries About the Environmental Impact of Fashion Industry

10 Documentaries About the Environmental Impact of Fashion Industry

10 Documentaries About the Environmental Impact of Fashion Industry 2560 1707 Circle of Fashion

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We always try to do the proper research before working on any project. That’s why watching documentaries, reading professional magazines and articles, discussing with influenced people gives us extra power and motivation to work hard.

Many people, maybe even you, are visual learners; for them, an image means and provides more than 1000 written words. We want to share a shortlist of valuable and informative documentaries regarding the issue we are currently working on.

Enjoy the time while watching this, and do not hesitate to share with us your potential ideas.

River Blue (2017) – River Blue chronicles an unprecedented around-the-world river adventure, led by renowned paddler and conservationist, Mark Angelo, who ends up uncovering and documenting the dark side of the global fashion industry.

Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion (2016) – Alex James presents a critical look at our disposable approach to clothing and its enormous human and environmental cost.

China Blue (2005) – Jasmine left her village to get a job and help her family. Now she and her friends at the blue jean factory are trying to survive the work environment.

The Next Black (2014) – An exploration of the future of clothing, profiling forward-thinking companies who are at the forefront of redefining how and what we wear.

The True Cost (2015) – Filmmaker Andrew Morgan travels around the globe to meet people who make clothes for the world’s fashion.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2015) – It’s been widely documented how fast fashion adversely affects the environment around us. This documentary offers a look at an alternate way of living that makes you more conscious of the impact you have on the world with your everyday choices as a consumer.

Unravel (2012) – UK-based filmmaker, Meghna Gupta takes us to the place where the clothes that people got for a bargain end up being discarded and introduces us to the men and women who recycle this waste.

The Clothes We Wear (2020) – In this revealing documentary, two undercover reporters explore the harsh realities of what goes on in the textile factories that create clothes for the European markets.

The Machinists (2012) –  The Machinists show how the personal stories of three female garment workers and the boss of a fledgling trade union in Dhaka, Bangladesh intersect to portray the human cost of western high street fashion

Made in Bangladesh: The 5th Estate (2013) – Mark Kelley went to Bangladesh and tracked down workers who say they are still forced to make clothes for Canada in dangerous conditions. And Kelley goes behind bars for an exclusive interview with the jailed owner of one of the biggest factories inside Rana Plaza, who details his long-standing, multi-million dollar connections to Canada.