Fashion Companies Leading The Way In Sustainability

Fashion Companies Leading The Way In Sustainability

Fashion Companies Leading The Way In Sustainability 2560 1466 Circle of Fashion

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We assume you have read some articles about the impact of fashion on the environment. You may feel the need for changes. Maybe you want to change something in your life, but you do not know what and how?

Small steps are the best way to the final success. Down below this post is a list of brands that offer sustainable fashion.  These days most companies still churn out clothes in a way it affects a lot of our lovely planet. Let’s appreciate the ones that care about the environment and buy wisely.

Tentree – For each item purchased, Tentree lives up to its name and plants 10 trees and even gives customers a code so they can track the growth of their trees. It is on track to plant one billion trees by 2030. Tentree’s clothing is made from ethically sourced and sustainable materials including cork, coconut, recycled polyester produced in ethical factories.

Everlane – Everlane mixes sustainability with transparency by sharing with customers the exact breakdown of the cost of each item and showing the factories where garments are made. The company builds strong relationships with factory owners to ensure that the employees and production meet Everlane’s high ethical standards.

Pact – This Colorado-based company sells certified organic and fair-trade clothing for the entire family. The entire supply chain, from growing and harvesting the non-GMO cotton to creating the final pieces, is as sustainable and clean as possible and includes processes that use significantly less water than traditional cotton.

Patagonia – Firm not only uses sustainable materials in its outerwear, but it also helps customers repair their clothing instead of buying new items. Patagonia follows fair-trade practices and closely monitors its supply chain to make it safe for the environment, workers and consumers.

Levi’s – Denim is notorious for requiring huge amounts of water to create one pair of jeans, but Levi’s new collection, Water<Less, uses up to 96% less water. For this and all of its products, Levi’s is committed to sustainability through the entire design and manufacturing process, including working towards 100% sustainably sourced cotton and recycling old jeans into home insulation.

Amour Vert – This clothing brand makes sustainably sourced garments in smaller batches to avoid the waste of unsold items.

Eileen Fisher – Every aspect of Eileen Fisher’s design and manufacturing process is built to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, from the materials used to the ethical treatment of the workers who sew the pieces.

People Tree – Founded in 1991, People Tree was one of the first sustainable fashion brands. It is the only brand credited by the World Fair Trade Organization and invests heavily in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, including organic farming.

H&M Conscious – H&M is moving away from its fast-fashion roots with the Conscious collection, made of materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Reformation – Each stylish item from Reformation comes with a description and score of its environmental footprint to help customers understand the impact of their clothing.