Sustainability in Fashion: Get Inspiration from World-wide Stars

Sustainability in Fashion: Get Inspiration from World-wide Stars

Sustainability in Fashion: Get Inspiration from World-wide Stars 2560 1709 Circle of Fashion
We may not appreciate or follow stars but we must admit that whatever attitude, ideas, thoughts, or statements they share usually goes viral and are spread across the globe. Some of them share useless content to get more popularity or induce shock among their fans. However, there are famous people we genuinely encourage to pay attention to and somehow follow their path.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The American actress is definitely a game-changer in terms of sustainability in the fashion industry. She collaborated with designers such as Stella McCartney or Amour Vert, creating lines of eco-friendly clothes. She actively participated in creating shirts made from organic fabrics and low-impact dyes. The captivating news is that the Hollywood star promised to plant a tree for every shirt sold.  Gwyneth is also the founder of goop company, focusing on wellness and lifestyle issues. The main company’s tasks are to promote a healthy lifestyle, eliminate food waste, collaborate with fashion brands, launch pop-ups, etc.


Jessica Alba

The next American superstar is also the CEO and founder of Honest. It’s a consumer goods company that emphasizes household products to supply the marketplace for ethical consumerism. The company sells organic and ethically-made personal care products. They also opened themselves for beauty products. Jessica always puts a lot of attention on children’s needs too, that’s why the company’s products are harmless for the environment and children. Her involvement in environmental issues is something she cherishes the hope to pass down to the next generations. She openly declares she teaches her 3 kids about the importance of sustainability and our role in protecting the planet.


Emma Watson

Definitely a real-life wizard of our times. Emma is not only a great actress and UN ambassador but also a huge evangelist of sustainability. On Instagram, you can find her separate account where she shares sustainable tips, thoughts, and ideas with her followers related to clothes. British actress proves that her garment can be sourced ethically and still be extremely classy and stylish. What’s worth mentioning is that Emma has taken a stand she will work without any compensation with any brand dedicated to fair, organic, and ethical fashion.


Olivia Wilde

„Ethical clothing isn’t a fashion fantasy but an attainable reality” this quote certainly describes Olivia Wilde. The actress knows from the „Dr. House” series is deeply involved in fashion industry problems. In 2015 she worked with H&M on their collection balled „Conscious collection 2015”. The aim of this was to create stylish garments from recycled and organic materials. The actress tirelessly encourages us that classy clothing can also be eco-friendly.


Stella McCartney

The daughter of Sir Paul McCartney is an English fashion designer, musician, photographer, and animal rights, activist. Let’s take a look at her actions with reference to fashion sustainability. Garments launched by her are always marked with eco-friendly care. She confessed once that she always strives to create both stylish and sustainable clothing derives from bad experiences with organic fabrics she didn’t feel comfortable in. In the interview given in 2016, she said „It was often scratchy and oatmeal. What’s the point of designing an oatmeal shirt if nobody buys it? It would go to a landfill, and that would be just as bad”.