You Can Make a Positive Impact on our Planet

You Can Make a Positive Impact on our Planet

You Can Make a Positive Impact on our Planet 2560 1702 Circle of Fashion
Fashion sustainability is one of the most challenging issues we are facing nowadays because the production of our favorite garments usually requires a lot of water and other ingredients that are crucial for our existence.
We cannot let our planet be on the brink just because we want to follow the trends. Just remember – your daily actions can bring a positive change. We would like to give you some tips on how you can make a positive impact on our planet. Small steps also pay off big time!

1. Try to change your attitude and outlook, fashion-wise

Many brands try to use sophisticated marketing methods to make you need to follow trends and always have all the rage clothes. Take your time to think about it if you really need them that much. Trends change with time but unfortunately, our planet as well…

2. Don’t throw your old clothing in the trash

Always try to repair, swap up, or sell your old clothes. It can give them a new life”. Donating can be the last resort because those that are not sold off in a few weeks are sent overseas and eventually land in landfills.

3. Take a closer look at what you currently have in your closet

We are 100% sure there are clothes in your wardrobe about which you have forgotten. Instead of buying more, ‘’discover your closet again”.

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4. Prioritize organic clothes

Whenever you genuinely must buy a new pair of pants, a new jacket, etc., try to choose organic cotton and GOTS certified labels to decrease the usage of pesticides in farming. We know that sometimes we must buy new clothes but this time, buy them wisely.

5. Repair your closet if needed.

These days there are tons of videos on the Internet on how to repair your worn-off clothes. Suppose you’re not familiar with this, we can assure you it’s not rocket science. Give yourself some time and get another great skill in your resume!

6. Recycled fabrics are your friends

Look for brands that use recycled materials. We don’t have to encourage you how important it is. Find brands that are using recycled materials! You can find a list of sustainable-friendly brands on our website. The link is down below:

7. Borrow, lend & swap up your clothes with your close ones/friends/family members

Any reason to hold a party? Why not invite your friends and swap some pairs of shirts with each other. Your clothes can happen to be a perfect match for someone you know.

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8. Renting clothes services

We all have to participate sometimes in one-time events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. why not rent a dress (in excellent condition, of course) and give it back afterward. It does not only save you a lot of money but also saves our lovely planet.

9. Secondhand can also be the first choice

Good quality clothes, even second-hand ones, can be valuable. Your friends will not notice the difference, but your wallet and the earth surely will.

10. Always do the proper laundry

It may sound funny, but many folks don’t do the laundry properly. They mix up white clothes with the colored ones and then they are not satisfied with the results… Do the laundry according to the instructions, separate white clothes from others, use suitable detergents and keep them folded and tidy on the shelves. It will help keep them longer and more wearable.